RPA Robotic Process Automation

RPA is the application of a cost-effective software that mimics human action and connects multiple fragmented systems together through automation, without changing the current enterprise IT landscape. Processes automated by RPA can outperform any employee multiple times over. Any high-volume, business-rules-driven, repeatable process qualifies for automation. RPA systems have a close to zero error rate, and by architecture they operate in an interactive yet controlled environment where they are logged and fully auditable, ensuring robust governance and compliance.

The Process

First, the scope of automation and the benefits in terms of cost and time has to be identified.


The ‘to-be’ process is designed considering the current ‘as-is’ process and possible enhancements to further increase  the efficiency.

The non-intrusive solution is developed using any RPA tool, which can be deployed in the current company infrastructure.

Solution is then deployed to realize all the benefits identified earlier. This is followed by support.



Accuracy & Consistency

Automated tasks will have an increased accuracy, allowing for substantial risk mitigation and will follow a consistent routine.


Processes will be less prone to human errors and can be scheduled overnight increasing the efficiency and accuracy.

Improved Productivity

Better insight into the process through analytics and enabling opportunity for resources to refocus on more complex business tasks can drive productivity.

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