IT security reviews help you identify risks on a timely basis before they compromise the integrity of your system / data. The objective is to ensure proper development and implementation of applications, as well as the integrity of programs and data. This is done by validate existing controls to assess control operating effectiveness and implementing new preventive, detective or corrective controls.

The Process

Information gathering:
First, the scope of automation and the benefits in terms of cost and time has to be identified.


Risk assessment in existing controls:
The ‘to-be’ process is designed considering the current ‘as-is’ process and possible enhancements to further increase  the efficiency.

Perform design and testing of key ITGC internal controls:
The non-intrusive solution is developed using any RPA tool, which can be deployed in the current company infrastructure.

Communicate recommendations to strengthen ITGC controls:
Solution is then deployed to realize all the benefits identified earlier. This is followed by support.



By performing the same process faster by improving access to data and increased insight for more accurate analysis

Data reliability

Gaining insight into business operations can help take better and informed business decisions.


Frequent and more accurate analysis decrease the opportunity for human error, delivering a more impactful result.


More relevant background information can be used to focus on a better strategy.

Change management

Implementing Analytics translates to increased efficiency and effectiveness by yielding quantifiable observations

Recovery and disaster management

More customer centric decisions can be made by utilizing the insights, trends and patterns discovered